Living Art Walls Unifying Humanity 

The AIM Project is a multi-media experience during which people create anonymous inner-self portraits that bring our true stories to life.  It is through story that we make sense of our world.

Imagine a contemplative and collaborative space in which to safely externalize the mysterious interplay of fear and love that wages within each of us. Together we discover the courage and confidence to be ourselves, open new dialogues and bring our gifts into the world.  What we thought isolates us is actually the glue that binds us all together. 

All we ever want is to be loved and accepted for exactly who we truly are.



Release the Power within our Diversity


In your Art, I see Me.

At any given time we move through the fluidity of human experience, never just one thing or another, as a perfect mix of glitter and dirt.  Our gallery explores our dark, our light, and our magical flight.  The AIM Project is a space in which we can freely move within these spaces.

When we create our art we connect more deeply to ourselves; when we view the art of others we understand that we are not alone. We instantaneously see people differently - as just another version of ourselves.  The canvas never judges, it only accepts everything that we are. 

The Gallery becomes our map and each portrait an internal compass with which to chart a course into the future.

What we think, we become
— The Buddha


Magical Flights

"The privilege of a lifetime is being yourself." - Joseph Campbell


We are born as rainbows.  We are courageous, endlessly curious, and we are what we love.  We enter into the playground of life, engage in relationships and build things without wondering what our playmates will think of us – or from where they came.  We support each other, value individual unique talent and feel confident in our creations. 

Dragon Battles

"There was a child that went forth each day, and each object that he looked upon that object he became." - Walt Whitman

Who Am I?

As the pendulum swings toward technological connection, will we lose touch with the emotional connections that make us uniquely human?

When we flatten ourselves into digital spaces the lines between human and object are easily blurred.  Its easier to hurt an object - and so we do.  Without awareness, our internal battles become our external wars.

Belly of the Whale

“Freedom is never freely given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed.” – Martin Luther King

Fear of the Unknown.

Complexity brings exposure to confusing messages from our systems. It's easy to get lost and become insecure, uncertain and wonder how we fit in.  When we begin to believe the messages that tell us cannot be what we love our hearts break, grow thorns and get put into cages. Fear drives us into cultures of conformity, and we resign ourselves to coloring within the lines. 

“I really absolutely adore this program…nobody ever sees this side of me, that I call my own monster…this showed me that even though it is my insecurities it is not something I need to hide…it feels better to have it out and on paper.  It is really going to help me understand myself better than I think I ever could have before.” - Anonymous