The Intersection of Art, Technology, and Human Sustainability

Everyone has a Story to Tell.


The Intersection of Art, Technology and Human Sustainability.


The Human InnerFace

We design our lives around digital connection. We upgrade, update, and clear history on a regular basis and we don’t tolerate sluggishness.

But what of the Human Connection?

Imagine yourself on canvas, your internal Operating System exposed beyond human hardware.  This information drives how we relate, how we connect, and what we create. Yet our inner firmware is often outdated, tricky by nature, and ego protected.

The AIM Experience is access to an upgrade path that transforms resistance as we design into a connected future.

The Movement

AIM is an interactive, multi-sensory exploration of the stories that shape our lives.

Anonymous self-portraits are the powerful storytellers of the systems in which which live, our shared humanity and how we are evolving amidst the complexity of an expanding world.

Through our art, we shift inner perspective; in the galleries, we see ourselves as another, move beyond limiting beliefs and harness the power within our diversity.


A Cross-Cultural User Experience

Both student and teacher.

The Mission of The AIM Project is to break down the walls we build within ourselves and between each other.

Canvas and pens demolish the bricks of pretense, and our shields crumble as we examine their relevance.

Meet the Alchemists

The Barry Goldwater High School turned pain into beauty when they courageously chose depression as the theme for their show competition. They spoke through music about that which we fear, and in doing so opened space for freedom and possibility.