What if you felt totally uninhibited and free to express yourself in the world?  What would that look like?  What would if feel like? 

Imagine yourself on canvas. 

An AIM workshop is a practice of discovery and connection.  You are the Artist, the Art, and the Architect of your future.  

"This feels fantastic!"

“It is like someone opened my eyes not only to all the beauty within myself, but also the beauty that surrounds me!”

— Anonymous

“I feel completely energized and refreshed”

“I am not artistic at all, but when I had that canvas in front of me I had no problem at all…I am going through a transformational journey right now and this is exactly what I needed - this day, this experience for my personal life as well as my career.  I feel completely energized and refreshed.  It was amazing. “

— Anonymous


"Thank you, Art Inside Me, for helping me find me again."

Normally in life I do everything very specifically, very compartmentalized, very strategic.  And to be able to dump it all on a piece of paper without any judgment was so fun and so freeing…”

— Anonymous

"It leads to stronger and deeper communication."

“Bad communication leads to dis-satisfaction in one’s life, problems within families, and children with emotional problems.  In the workplace it leads to turnover and lack of employee engagement.  What if we could solve that?"

— Anonymous Business Executive