I notice, I wonder

Some people are a little shocked when the portraits are displayed, they ask me, “Where are all the happy people?” The happiness is within and alongside the sadness, they coexist as necessary partners, two different ends of a spectrum, and relative comparators. How do we know our light if we do not also have dark? We live in a system that denies the voice of the dark. Susan David, Ph.D Harvard Psychologist and author of “Emotional Agility” calls it a “tyranny of positivity.” See her TED talk The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage .

When a voice is denied it screams louder, and our internal battles have become our external wars. The canvas receives all our voices without judgment and quite often the shadow speaks first as it is the one writhing inside and causing so much pain. I ask participants to “notice and wonder” after they create their art and I share their reflections here.

We don’t always need to be fixed. We just want to be heard.


Feature 1

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Feature 2

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Feature 3

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