The First Portrait

I am Sharon, the Founder of The AIM Project.  I was raised in logic, I have a MS and did human subjects research - I predicted, I measured, and had multiple awards hanging on my walls. I checked the boxes. I lived behind a gate, in a house on a hill, I had nice cars, and from the outside appeared to be “living the dream.”

Things are not always as they appear.

One day my internal hard drive finally crashed under the pressure, and “The Scientist” met “The Artist” that had long ago been forgotten.  Since then, I have learned that what matters most in the world is often illogical, difficult to predict, and impossible to measure.

I am honored to be the curator and speaker for the thousands of voices no longer silenced.  Each story inspires the next, and as the community grows we build a human net that holds each itself.  With compassion, we become and contribute everything that we are.

The world is waiting.


It was so powerful, I wanted to share it with the world.

original me.png

An Unexpected Gift: Access to my Child’s mind.

My son’s watched me create my canvas, and suddenly I became “human”, not just the Mom that made the rules. They made their own portraits, and I got ACCESS to information I otherwise would not have ever had. My 11 yr. old was never going to tell me that he felt like a “wimp”, but his portrait did…and we got to talk about true strength.

I am forever grateful for the honest dialogue that has become available through these canvases. It is so powerful, I want to share it with the world.

The Battle

It was easy to say I was “Driven, an Athlete, Creative, and Strong,” all the descriptors that were valued by the system. When my hand hovered over my heart, a little voice said, “Write Scared.” To which another voice said, “Don’t do it! You are not allowed to be Scared!” An internal battle ensued, and my hand shook as I finally externalized my fear.

What followed was magic. The emotions I had denied myself for a lifetime found their way onto the canvas, and only then did the flowers grow.

It felt as if I had exhaled for the first time in 46 years…but I hadn’t known I was holding my breath.


More than 5000 individuals have created and shared their stories as anonymous self portraits of an inner dialogue that has finally found a safe space from which to speak.

Speaking our truth is the most powerful tool that we have.
— Oprah Winfrey