Our Vision

Permission and a Space to Be Yourself.


The child arrives on the playground full of awe and wonder for the world. Playmates arrive and no one asks, “Where are you from and what do you do?” They just come together and MAKE THINGS.

There exists a basic human need for authenticity, to be loved and accepted as exactly who we are and to bring our unique talent into the world. The uniqueness of that gift is our art - we were born with it and AS IT.

At some point we become aware of another basic human need - survival. Our survival depends on connection, attachment, and belonging. Foundational to belonging is acceptance, an act in which we are recognized as important within a system.

Now consider the systems in which we live. We are the designers and the designed, the programers and the programed.

There is a virus in the system.

Fear is too often driving our behavior, and true belonging has been replaced by a need to fit in. We unknowingly loaded the malware and gave up on who we truly are to become who we think we need to be. When we agree to this sacrifice, our hearts break and we lay the first bricks of the walls that block us from our best possibilities.

Welcome Back to the Playground

The Vision of The AIM Project is to break down the walls we build within ourselves, between each other, and to open dialogues that harness the power within our diversity.


We are standing on the edge of our next evolution as we race at breakneck speed towards our future. The pace is both exciting, scary, and depends on our decisions. Will we stay silent and push away that which we fear? Or will we step into our future, participate, and integrate?

Human Sustainability

Our ability to shape that in which we, and future generations will exist is dependent on the health of those that are the creators - the Artists and the Technologists.

Information consumes attention; therefore a wealth of information will create a poverty of attention. -

- Herbert Simon, 1978 Nobel Prize Winner and Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence.

to what Are we paying attention?

The AIM Project opens space in which to reconnect, explore our collaborative capacity, and innovate compassionate solutions that carry us into our future.