Our only limit is the illusion of a boundary.

A human net that holds itself.

Human Capital

Traditional revenue models don’t work when considering human connection. The value of an individual is non-renewable, each moment we have on this spinning blue ball is transitional - not transactional. The depth of our relationships define our experiences and are priceless.

The AIM Project is dedicated to enhancing the value of human connection and your participation is requested. The vision is for individuals to directly determine the direction in which we grow, rather that relying solely on sponsorship or ad campaigns.

Your dollar goes directly towards growing a more compassionate, collaborative, and connected global community. We hold each other.


AIM IS AN IMMERSIVE, interactive, multi-sensory workshop experience and community through which we intrinsically understand empathy and compassion as the basis for creative collaboration and design.

The privilege of a lifetime is being yourself
— Joseph Campbell