They are speaking through their art. Will we listen?


When kids feel safe, they talk. When they feel fear they shut down, retreat, and communication stops flowing. They say, “I’m fine” and yet we know that they are not - but we can’t break through the wall.

Silence becomes a breeding ground for insecurity and assumptions that don’t serve our best future possibilities.

The AIM project bridges communication gaps, supports open dialogues, and becomes a foundation for growth.

When kids feel connected, supported, acknowledged, they become empowered to move through their fear and courageously engage in the active shaping of their world.

They create stronger relationships and perform at higher levels both academically and socially. They use their imaginations in creative, compassionate, and collaborative environments. They feel safe, and bring their talents into the world.


The curriculum is built on a flexible framework that supports growth mindsets and is in alignment with SEL competencies.

I feel a weighting being lifted off of my chest, and I wonder if this is what it feels like to be free?
— Anonymous HS student